Sugden Masterclass PDT-4F Precision Digital Transcriptor

The passage of time in the audio electronics industry is witness to the obselescence of many components, processors and the actual products to which they are associated. As product designers and manufacturers Sugden have to give consideration to product support, longevity and of course performance. It was the first two parametres that initiated our development of the Sugden PDT-4F.

Sugden presents the PDT-4F as a dedicated CD player with the advantage of operating as a high quality DAC and source of digital signal for recording purposes.

A balanced output stage utilising a state of the art dual operational amplifier and discreet component output stage gives the opportunity to enjoy the player’s full dynamic range and focus in a slightly larger soundstage.

The PDT-4F extracts more from a compact disc than can be imagined. The PDT-4F exhibits a high energy open rich sound with powerful bass and no high register edginess – just musical.

Designed and hand-made in England.