Sugden A21 (Original) Pure Class ‘A’ Stereo Amplifier (1967)

The Sugden A21 (Original) Pure Class ‘A’ Stereo Amplifier was designed by James Edward Sugden.

Released in 1967 it is regarded the longest produced amplifier model as it is still a current Sugden model – nearly 50 years on!  The A21 is also regarded as the first commercially made solid state Pure Class ‘A’ amplifier to appear on the market.

Whilst the original designs were unconventional, the sound performance won wide acclaim and established the company at the forefront of domestic hi-fi.

Earlier versions of the identical A21 amplifier made by Sugdens were badged and sold as Richard Allan amplifiers in the early 1960s to complement Richard Allan’s loudspeakers.

In 2011 The Absolute Sound and Hi-Fi+ recognised the Sugden A21 for changing the face of audio significantly and included it in the hall of fame as “One of The Ten Most Significant European Amplifiers of All Time”.