Sugden Fusion 21 Precision Compact Disc Player

Sugden Fusion 21 Precision Compact Disc Player is the result of nearly twenty-five years development of Sugden digital products. The latest player combines modern digital technology with unique Sugden design criteria dedicated to high quality audio performance.

The heart of the Fusion 21 player is a precision ‘CD Engine’ comprising of a very accurate loader/laser assembly driven by custom software. The interconnected front-end board (servo) is capable of short term data storage through its on board memory, made possible by the CD disc running at a higher speed than conventional CD mechanisms.

To expand the possibilities of digital playback, the Fusion CD player is also capable of acting as a high quality stan-alone digital to analogue converter.

The result is amazing with a guarantee you will rediscover your music collection.

The Fusion 21 Precision CD Player partners the Mystro Integrated Amplifier, A21a Integrated Amplifier and the A21SE Integrated Amplifier.

Sugden Fusion 21 are individually hand-made in England.