Sugden LS21 Tuned Quarter Wave Design Floor Standing Loudspeakers

Sugden LS21 Loudspeakers. Finished in real timber veneers, book matched. In order shown: walnut, maple, cherry, white and black finishes.

Sugden LS21 Loudspeaker cabinets are hand polished to produce a satin finish with low gloss level. Over time the finish will result in a natural patina. The fine drivers are installed. The treble unit has a large diameter voice coil and soft dome ferrofluid filled. The bass/mid driver is designed in England and made in Sweden. It also has a large voice coil and the chassis is die cast aluminium providing superior rigidity.

Sugden LS21 Loudspeakers. Veneers are pressed onto assembled cabinets.

Sugden LS21 Loudspeakers. Real wood veneers are crown cut and book matched.

Sugden LS21 Loudspeakers. Finishing done with hand tools.

Sugden LS21 Loudspeakers. Router of hardwood edge.

The Sugden LS21 Loudspeaker crossover components are audiophile quality manufactured by Mundorf Germany. The components are hand soldered to the crossover board.

Sugden LS21 Loudspeakers. Real hardwood inlays.

Sugden LS21 Loudspeakers. Cabinet structure double mitre corner locking joints.

Sugden LS21 Loudspeakers. Machining of the high density particle board which is later double mitre locked to become a 23mm thick cabinet before the timber veneers are pressed on.