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  1. Your audio and video product purchase should be an exciting experience reinforcing the music and cinema performance level and involvement you want to achieve.  Not all brands/products will deliver clarity, realism and excitement.

    That is why when you purchase a product distributed by Neophonics™ you are guaranteed that it is a quality high-end brand that will deliver.

    Sugden Audio

    Sugden is nearing a 50-year pedigree producing amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, power amplifiers, headphone amplifiers, compact disc players and loudspeakers. All products are designed and individually hand-made in West Yorkshire, England.  There are many devotees around the world that will not part with their loved product/s.  Our owners are our best endorsement and ambassadors of our brand.


    Sugden Mystro Precision Monitor. Zebrano finish – simply stunning.


    Sugden Masterclass IA-4 Pure Class ‘A’ Integrated Stereo Amplifier – Titanium finish.


    Sugden Masterclass LA-4 Class ‘A’ Line Pre-Amplifier, has authority, finesse and the capability to develop a sound stage with imaging, dimensional realism, and time/space elements in perfect harmony – Titanium finish.


    Masterclass SPA-4 & MPA-4 Class ‘A’ Power Amplifiers. The stereo power amplifier SPA-4 and its big brother, mono power amplifiers MPA-4 (two mono power amplifiers), have been developed to present a holographic three-dimensional soundstage where the listener can almost walk in and touch the musicians.



    DeamVision is a French company that producers video products and accessories.  Its goal is to bring you real cinema performances in your home.  DreamVision has the finest individually calibrated full HD 3D projectors with better and larger picture than plasma, LCD or LED backlit televisions – introducing the magnificent Inti Series.


    DreamVision Inti 3 Full HD 3D Home Cinema Projector. 120,000 contrast ratio, 4k interpolation, 7 preset 9 custom picture profiles, automation and home integration, 1200 ANSI lumens, THX 3D display calibration, 3D seamless detection, advanced 3D settings and 120Hz clear motion drive.
    The ultimate in design, style and performance.


    DreamVision Inti 3 Tentation Full HD 3D Cinema – Limited Edition in metallic bronze finish.


    DreamVision Inti 2 Full HD 3D Home Cinema Projector. 80,000 contrast ratio, 4k interpolation, 7 preset 9 custom picture profiles, advanced 3D settings, advanced 3D settings, 7 preset 9 custom picture profiles, 1200 ANSI lumens and 120Hz clear motion drive.



    DreamVision Inti 1 Full HD 3D Home Cinema Projector. 50,000 contrast ratio, 1300 ANSI lumens, advanced 3D settings, 6 preset 5 custom picture profiles and 120Hz clear motion drive.


    Exclusive Audio & Video Products

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