Sugden Audio Legends

The Sugden brand is nearing a fifty-year pedigree. Models from the mid 1960s to now are highly regarded and collectable.



Sugden has a rich history and through its passion for music it has a clear objective to enable Sugden devotees to enjoy the fun and emotion that music can invoke.

In 1967 James Edward Sugden designed and produced what is regarded as the worlds first commercially available solid state pure Class ‘A’ amplifier the A21. This has been a continuing model for nearly 50 years. This is a rare achievement.


In 2011 The Absolute Sound & Hi-Fi+ recognised the Sugden A21 for changing the face of audio significantly and included it in the hall of fame as “One of The Ten Most Significant European Amplifiers of All Time”.

Also rare is Sugden’s method of construction, one piece of equipment is entrusted to one person with the result they have a personal pride and interest in what they have made. Their name is attached to the product, this is real hand-made craftsmanship in West Yorkshire, England.

The company has a clear philosophical base, is owned and operated as a family business, still with ties to James Sugden who is now in retirement.  Devotees of classic models will not part with their “precision instruments” that easily, thus the Sugden A21, Sugden C51/P51, A51 and C41/P41 models, to name a few, are scarce if not impossible to source.  Some of these models are featured in our “Sugden Legends” below and you will get to see why there is such a pride of ownership towards Sugdens.

Looking forward the current four lines of Sugden models follow the company’s long-standing philosophy of low distortion, musical and non-fatiguing reproduction but also take it to the next level.  Three lines are Class ‘A’ designs and the fourth is Class ‘AB’ to enable more power with the mandatory Sugden Signature sound.

The 2012 product line up includes: Sugden Masterclass Series, Sugden A21SE Special Edition Series, Sugden A21 Series, Sugden LS21 Loudspeakers and Sugden Mystro Series.